Well done on finding the blog I’ve been meaning to write for months, but never got around to doing. Mostly because of my own bias on ‘people who have blogs’. Anyway, it’s here now so I hope there’s something on here that interests you.

    I travel quite a bit, mostly due to the fact that I’m mixed and my immediate family lives in 4 different countries. It’s quite rare that we’re all in the same country, but we try. I’ve also lived in 5 different countries for various reasons (mostly my studies) – Sri Lanka, Germany, the UK, the US and most recently, Malaysia. I think that’s a cool fun fact about me, definitely my go-to when I’m at various conferences or workshops that require you to stand up and talk a bit about yourself. So yeah, here you’ll find travel-related posts!

    I have a B.A and an M.Sc in International Relations & International Development Management so maybe I’ll eventually have a career in that field. At the moment though I’m ‘finding myself’, and now apparently I’m blogging about it too. There will probably be some opinion posts on here eventually.

    There’s actually a whole bunch of topics that I want to write about, so I guess they’ll turn up here eventually.

    Enjoy reading xx