• Top 5: Brunch Spots in Colombo

    Since we’re all recovering from curfew and being stuck at home dying to go out, I’ve decided to focus on my top 5 posts rather than the travel posts for a few weeks in order to give local businesses much needed boost!

    I realised that there isn’t much of a guide online for brunch places in Colombo! The only ones are an outdated Yamu article, a somewhat more recent Pulse article and a veryyyyyy outdated Culture Trip article. No fear! Here is an up to date guide to my top 5 fave places to have BRUNCH in Colombo. To be honest, any place that I can get waffles at after 12pm is considered brunch in my books but hopefully, this list satisfies your non-waffle brunch cravings too ! To be fair, the brunch department in Colombo is still lacking, but we’ve got a few to hold the fort. Unfortunately, most options are still pretty pricey, which kind of explains why the ‘brunch culture’ in Sri Lanka isn’t a big thing yet either.

    P.S: Here is a brunch tip that was passed on to me, that I hope to pass onto everyone else that will listen to me. Order the waffles (or the pancakes). Order the maple syrup. Order a side of bacon. Layer it on top of each other. Enjoyyyyyyyy the goodness. Thank me later. There’s just something about that mix of sweet and salty that makes your taste buds tingle. Kind of like McDonalds Fries dipped McDonalds Ice Cream, but that’s a whole other article waiting to be written 😉

    Rare Weekend Brunch at Uga Residence

    Rare Bar and Kitchen is nestled inside Uga Residence on Park Street! I didn’t check out this brunch spot for a long time because I thought it would be so pricey.. however, Sam and I tried it out on a breakfast date before a weekend getaway recently and I was happy to see how affordable everything was! The food was out of this world and the staff were fantastic as well. I highly recommend you try the almond croissant! They are open every day from 7AM to 10PM and for weekend brunch from 7AM to 3PM!

    As usual, Sam and I couldn’t choose two dishes like normal people, so we ordered 4 😅 Two people can eat here comfortably for under 3500lkr!


    Kiku is a cute little cafe hidden on top of Shirohana Flowers on Dickmans’s road. I love love love cafes that introduce new and exciting concepts in Sri Lanka, so Kiku definitely hits all the right spots. Their Japanese style menu has a variety of sweet and savoury dishes as well as unique coffee and soda flavours! To be honest, I’m usually the type of person who will have a favourite dish and then rarely try anything else at a restaurant for fear I won’t like it.. But I stepped out of my comfort zone recently and ordered a Lavender Soda (small steps!) and it’s now one of my favourite drinks! It’s the perfect spot for brunch, coffee or even as a workspace for a few hours. The ambience/vibe there is definitely up there amongst my favourites in Colombo.

    Also, don’t let the words ‘Japanese Inspired’ scare you off – Kiku’s experimental menu includes sandwiches, doughnuts and waffles that everyone can enjoy. I do hope you try something new though, you will be rewarded!

    Meal for Two: 4000-6000lkr (They have newly introduced a ‘Kiku On A Budget menu as well, so check them out!)

    Cafe Kumbuk/Plus Nine Four

    I think both Cafe Kumbuk and Plus Nine Four will be on all my lists.. I can never choose between the two. Both Cafe Kumbuk and Plus Nine Four have been game-changers in Colombo’s Cafe scene, with the introduction of unique dishes and flavours. I would recommend Plus Nine Four as more of a brunch date spot and Cafe Kumbuk as a brunch spot for a bigger group of friends. However, in the end, it doesn’t really matter because both are great, serve great coffee and very yum food.

    These two are more on the budget-friendly side, with a meal for two costing about 3500-5000lkr.

    Culinary Craft by Villa Raha

    Culinary Craft by Villa Raha is a little spot in the basement of the boutique hotel which offers an extensive all day dining/brunch menu. Their range offers sweet and savoury dishes, some that are not common around Colombo yet, such as smoked salmon, feta and avocado toasties as well as a huge variety of waffles and pancakes! They also have a small Asian (mostly Vietnamese) inspired menu which is perfect if you want to go down the savoury brunch path.

    One complaint though, their underground space does feel a bit claustrophobic sometimes. The last time we were there, we were told we wouldn’t be served if we sat in their upstairs area, which was a bit odd. Still, it’s a cute brunch spot with good food options!

    Two people can eat here for about 3000-5000lkr

    One Up

    Notice: OneUp is closed until later this year but it deserves a spot on this list!

    As one of the first brunch spots in Colombo, OneUp made a name for itself quite early. A cute little ‘Aussie Style’ cafe, that served some delicious coffee and great waffles (have you realised yet that I like waffles?) provided the vibe that you would usually only get at a beach cafe in the South, so it became a crowd fave real fast.

    Price: Since they’re closed at the moment, I’m not going to list any prices since they will probably increase/have a new menu when they open again.

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    That’s it, those are my 5 favourite brunch spots in Colombo. I haven’t included hotel buffets! Please comment and let me know if there’s something I’ve missed that I need to check out!

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