• Hello, world.

    Soooo, after a 6 year break from the blog-o-sphere, I’m back. 

    In the era of influencers, content creators, travel bloggers, food reviewers, and Insta-models, I stayed away from creating a blog again for as long as I could. However, I am a writer, always have been. Which, of course, stems from my love of reading. I’ve been reading since I was 3 years old. There is nothing more magical than disappearing into a make-believe world for a few hours. And just like that, the next best magic is being able to imagine a make-believe world and be able to pen it down. 

    Something that kept me away for a long time was my dislike of the word ‘influencer’ and everything it stood for. I UNDERSTAND the concept, but I could never wrap my head around it. Sure, there are some great ‘influencers’ on social media that promote some fantastic initiatives such as anti-poaching programs, climate change awareness and healthy lifestyles. However, most Social Media Influencers, in my opinion, promote an unattainable image to most of their followers, which in turn makes the average viewer salivate over people they will never meet and lifestyles they will never have. Now, this is fine. It’s your choice who you follow and keep tabs on the Internet, the issue I have with all this is that rarely anyone is thinking of the long-term effects of this. Especially not that 16 year old who just decided she was not going to continue pursuing her education because she was earning an income through her Instagram account (I actually know someone like this, smh – she’s not earning any money yet though. But her 567 followers can ‘DM her for collabs’).

    Social Media moves fast – remember Tumblr? Or YikYak? Or Vine? A couple of years ago, you were the coolest kid at the party if you had 20,000 followers on Tumblr. Five years later, who even is on Tumblr anymore? Facebook too, is on the way out. The only people who still use it are people’s mums and that random kid from your high school that comments inappropriate things on your photos. So yes, Instagram is currently having it’s 10 minutes of fame, but it won’t be there forever either, which I think a lot of people don’t realise.

    The Angsty Teenager

    As a teenager, I had a blog for 5 years, but in an angsty teenage fit one day, I deleted it and have regretted it ever since. It wasn’t just a Tumblr either, even though I had that too. It was an actual, real-life, ‘write about why you’re angry at the world’ type of blog. I cringe at the thought, but I would love to have the opportunity to go back and read those posts. Mostly because I felt a lot of things about a lot of things back then and thought I would never get over it, but here I am, 8 years later. Very much over it, and very appreciative of all those experiences.

    I consider myself a writer, I used to write and write and write. I wrote stories, I wrote poems. I would not listen in math class and would write stories instead (probably why I still count on my fingers when I’ve got math to do). I even found out my English teacher lived close to me as a kid so I wrote stories and would drop them in her post box anonymously until one day she figured out it was me 😂. 

    There are many plans that I’ve made, for many books that need to be written, but alas (I always feel like Dumbledore when I use that word – 10 points if you know which book that’s from) one of my fantastic personality traits is my short attention span – so perhaps one day. So in the meantime, I’ve decided to return to writing stuff on the interwebs. A little bit for you, the reader. But mostly for me, the writer. To have something to look back on when I’m older. Who knows what sort of social media we’ll have then? 😂

    So, here’s to a fresh start!

    Update 7/7/20: I actually wrote this post in December 2019, when I was first toying with the idea of creating a blog. Now, it’s May, and the world has changed. One of my quarantine projects was fixing up this blog, writing a whole bunch of posts to be posted in the next few weeks, making sure everything looked perfect. Lots and lots of procrastinating later, I think I’m finally happy, so enjoy. I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy during these strange days.


    1. May 10, 2020 / 10:27 am

      Nice post and welcome back to blogging!

      • rebelkids
        May 10, 2020 / 10:39 am

        Thanks Paolo!

    2. May 10, 2020 / 2:56 pm

      Welcome back to blogging ! This was a great first post and honestly I agree with you. People don’t like to believe it but there will be another sensational app and then another and another. These things keep moving and keep evolving. Putting all your eggs in one basket is so scary.. which is WHY blogging itself is so good. The many streams you can take it, you can spread your talent and gain more.
      I’m excited for you and your journey!

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