• My Top 5 Eateries in Unawatuna.

    Ever since the Southern Expressway opened (almost 10 years ago!!), the South has seen a huge boom in cute cafes, restaurants, and hotels! If you’ve read my blog post on what I like to do in the South, you’ll already know that I spend as much of my time at the beach as possible!

    Unfortunately, with everything that has happened in the last two years, many establishments in Sri Lanka (especially outside of Colombo) are suffering enormously, because they rely heavily on tourists visiting and dining with them. Many of these places are locally owned and they employ local staff. They also exclusively get their produce from small fruit, veggie, meat and fish sellers. Everyone’s having a tough time, so we should help each other as much as possible!

    This post consists of a list of some of my favorite places to hang out at when I’m in Galle/Unawatuna, or even when I’m just passing through. All of them come highly recommended, so do check out their Instagram pages, follow them and visit them next time you’re out and about in the South! x

    The Hideout, Unawatuna

    Instagram: The Hideout

    This little gem in Unawatuna serves up THE BEST mexican food on the island! Since mexican restaurants seem to be cursed in Colombo, The Hideout is a blessing! Run by the sweetest couple, The Hideout serves authentic and fresh tacos, bowls, margaritas and more!  I make it a point to visit at least once everytime I’m in Unawatuna.

    One of the first times I visited, I was with a friend who had multiple severe allergies, and the staff went above and beyond to make sure the food was perfect. This got a huge 10/10 from me! The Hideout also has a couple of cute rooms that you can book if you want to stay in the South for a couple of days!

    The Social, Unawatuna

    Instagram: The Social

    Call me biased, but The Social has got to be one of the best restaurants in Sri Lanka (not just in Unawatuna). Situated along a quiet stretch of the beach in Una, this snug little spot is perfect for an all day chill sesh! The food is out of this world, I highly recommend trying the prawn burger, the pesto pasta and the pita bread with three types of hummus.

    The Social is perfect for a day out with your friends or family (it’s super kid friendly), the staff is excellent and the music selection will keep you in a good mood all day. The sunsets from here are insane too! 

    Check out their amazing menu, and have a laugh at some of the names yours truly may or may not have come up with!


    Instagram: SkinnyToms Deli

    SkinnyToms is the best (and probably only) brunch spot in Unawatuna. This instagramm-able cafe serves some of the most creative and delicious breakfast dishes on that side of town. Y’all know I love my breakfast food! SkinnyToms often makes an appearance on my Instagram! Their pastries and croissants are out of this world, and you definitely need to try out their pancakes and loaded hoppers!

    La Boheme

    Instagram: La Boheme

    The first of my two pizza place recommendations (because you can never have enough pizza) in Una, La Boheme is a cute little spot that serves up some fantastic wood fired pizza and pasta! Everything is just right, from the pizza consistency, to the crust to their flavours!

    They have the yummiest ‘Gourmet Pizza’ with Mozzarella, Brie & Potatoes. Yes. Potatoes. On pizza. Absolute genius. Carbs on carbs, how could you go wrong with that? I highly recommend you stop by there just to try this one pizza (but please, stay and try the rest too!)

    Wijaya Beach

    Instagram: Wijaya Beach

    Wijaya Beach is a popular local spot that has been around for years. They are very popular for their wood fired pizzas and authentic flavours. It’s a go to spot for many of us, especially because of its perfect location by the beach. Most of the year, the water is calm enough to bath in as well. As a Sri Lankan, legend has it that you can’t go to Wijaya Beach without running into someone else that you know!

    It does get a bit crowded sometimes though, so I recommend calling in advance or getting there early! Aside from pizza, they also have a fabulous seafood menu!

    I do hope you try out these posts in the South (if you haven’t already!) If you have any more recommendations, please do leave them for me in the comments.

    You can follow along on my food and travel journey on Instagram: Rebelkids

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