• Top 6: Asian Noodle Dishes in Colombo that you must try!

    I have 100 things to be doing right now but I decided they can all wait while I quickly pen down this blog post! My fave noodle dishes in Colombo won all the polls I had on my Instagram stories so I guess it’s a popular request! By noodle dishes I mean everything from Pad Thai (my all-time fave, I’ll probably do a separate post on my fave Pad Thai dishes around Colombo), to Laksa, to Ramen to Mee Goreng dishes! Please remember that these are the dishes I personally find amazing, so please don’t @ me if you don’t think they’re authentic enough! Also, these are in no particular order, I love them all!

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    Yaki Soba – Sushi Kai

    I discovered the Seafood Yaki Soba at Sushi Kai by accident one day, when I was totally hungover and only pointed at the picture on the menu and said “I want that!”. This turned out to be an amazing choice, and it has been my go to ever since. The portion size is good and the flavours are fabulous! I order it everytime I go there and it has been consistent every time.

    Noodles at Cinnamon Grand

    I mean… I can’t pick just one dish at Noodles. I love them all. I’ve written about Noodles before on my blog about affordable date spots in Colombo and you can read that here. I suggest taking 4 friends and making sure everyone orders something different so that you can try each dish. They really do get every dish (that I’ve tried, which is most of them) right. Noodles is also very affordable and is a great restaurant for date night or for a family dinner.

    Seafood Udon at Rare 

    So! Many, many restaurants in Colombo like to say they serve ‘Udon’ Noodles. And if you, like me, get very excited and order these dishes, you will most likely be disappointed when a sad type of spaghetti noodle appears in front of you. Real Udon noodles are pale coloured, and are thick and have a slight jelly like consistency and are the B O M B. However, I couldn’t find the proper noodle until I tried the Seafood Udon at Rare a few weeks ago and it was fabulous! The dish was bursting with flavour, did not skimp on the amount of seafood in it and most importantly… it came with the proper Udon noodle. It’s a definite must try!

    Char Kuey Teow at Pappa Rich

    This is probably my most favourite dish of everything on this list. The Beef Char Kuey Teow at Pappa Rich is so so good! I lived in Malaysia for a year, and was only introduced to Char Kuey Teow when Sam visited me! Since Pappa Rich is a Malaysian brand, they get this dish just perfect! I should mention, the Mee Goreng here is also pretty amazing but the Char Kuey Teow wins this round.

    I wonder what Sams thinking while reading this, since he’s the one who usually orders this dish, only to have me finish it from across the table.

    Laksa Noodle Bar

    Laksa Noodle Bar is another restaurant that I would order anything from! They have a limited menu, which I think is great, because then the restaurant focuses on a few dishes which they do really well. My personal faves are the Mee Goreng, the Pad Thai and the Laksa. While you’re at it, I also recommend their dumplings! They are quite affordable as well and their customer service has always been super friendly and inviting. 

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    Wok Box

    An honorary mention on this list, cause sometimes none of the above will fix my noodle cravings! My go-to at Wok Box is the egg noodles with beef, veggies and their popular pipping clove sauce. A definite must-try if you’re craving for some comfort food.

    That’s it! Thanks for reading, please let me know if you try any of these dishes. If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment below or let me know on Instagram!

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