• Travel Photography Tips | Collab with Anushka Eranga

    Anushka is a professional photographer and has many years of experience under his belt. He is also the ambassador for SONY in Sri Lanka. You can find his work here! He has been kind enough to collab with me for this blog post! This post lists his basic tips on taking exciting pictures while on the go (with some additional comments from me – P.S almost every single picture you see on my Instagram or on my blog was taken on my phone!).

    So here we go, my first collab blog with Rebelkids!

    Today, I’m gonna share few tips to spruce up your travel photography. This post doesn’t require you to have a professional camera, but rather encourages you to learn how to use your smartphone to capture amazing pictures!

    Here are my tips :

    • Focus on one subject at a time.

    Of course, this is only valid when you’re not shooting scenery or nature. If you aren’t, keep your subject clean and neat in your frame. In most instances, it’s best to centre your subject as well.

    • Use negative space wisely .

    Everything in your picture, that is not your main subject, is called negative space. When shooting, choose backgrounds that place emphasis on your subject. 

    • Follow Leading lines

    When travelling we often come across things that are linear, like staircases, roads, train tracks, buildings, etc. These create depth in your image and allow the eyes to easily follow all the elements in a picture.

    • Use grid lines.

    On most modern smartphones, this is an easy setting to use. On iPhones, you can turn on this by going to photo & camera settings. This will enable a grid on your camera, which allows you to correctly place your subject in the middle, or within one of the other boxes. This will help you balance your image and make it symmetrical.

    • Follow the Rule of Third.

    As a follow up to using grid lines, the rule of third is also important. There are many rules in photography, and this rule is the easiest to follow. This is an alternative to centering your subject. When using the grid, keep your subject in one of the side ‘boxes’ or within different grid lines, so that you can engage the viewer more in the different elements in the photo. Doing this also automatically gives your images a more natural look.

    Rule Of Third. Source: Lifewire
    • Experiment with day time flash!

    Even though flash is made to enhance your nighttime photos, try using it in the daylight as well, because this can create beautiful shadows.

    • Capture small details but never zoom in.

    It’s always important to capture small details but never zoom in when taking a picture because when you zoom in, the image will get blurry, even if you don’t see that on your screen while taking the picture. Zooming in will also pixelate the image. Instead of zooming in, get closer to your subject, or take a step back for a wider picture, which you can crop later.

    • Try different perspectives & compositions

    Be creative with your pictures! Don’t always take the same pictures you see others taking on Instagram! Rather than taking all your holiday photos in the same angle, try to be unique. You’re free to change angles and to play with negative space. Try different compositions to find your own style in photography. Climb stairs, take pictures over ledges, get on eye level with your subject, shoot from a low angle, play with shadows – there are so many things you can do!

    Perspective & Shadows.
    • Editing your photos and post production!

    It’s always nice to have vibrant colors, as well as black and white variants. Adjust the brightness and contrast of your images to see what a difference it makes. We always recommend Adobe Lightroom Mobile and Snapseed from Google to edit images, as they are very user-friendly.

    Below you will see three images! The first one is unedited, and the second and third are after using Lightroom to enhance them. Editing them really gives your images a boost in colour and vibrance.

    P.S: Presets are a great way of making your photos pop and achieve on-click consistency in your images! I (Chris) currently use my own presets, but when I started out I used the presets that Marie Fe and Jake Snow make! They have a huge amount of diversity in them and I definitely recommend them to beginners. You can check them out or purchase them by clicking here. Their cheapest (and very versatile) pack only costs $10!

    These tips will definitely help you to take your mobile photography to the next level! – Anushka 🙂

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    1. June 1, 2020 / 6:29 pm

      This is such a helpful post! I had no idea about not zooming in, and I never thought of making it closer by cropping later. This will come in very handy.

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